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known, if any. 30065 W/o t Charleston AAB, SC 30071 converted to D-1 strafer (345th BG, 501st BS) damaged by AAA, then ran out of fuel and crashlanded 12 mi from Dumpu, New Guinea Dec 22, 1943. " Heraldry - Genealogy - Family names - Coats of arms. 29331 (458th BG, 755th BS, 8th AF, "Blondie's Folly based at RAF Horsham. Sconiers, called to the cockpit by the pilot, pulled the co-pilot out of his seat and took the controls of the stricken bomber. 29222 (450th BG, 721st BS, *Deuces Wild collided with over Adriatic Sea Mar 24 1944. Transferred to 352rd BS, 301st. escort gay siracusa brazil gay escort 24547 (91st BG, 323rd BS) lost May 1, 1943. 24698 (MSN 26619/CU259) lost Aug 4, 1944, CBI theatre. 27585 (MSN 1430) W/o t Prescott, AZ 27586 (MSN 1431) to NC66876. Shipped back to USA and WFU. 29479 (448th BG, 715th BS, 8th AF, based at RAF Seething, Station usaaf-146, Norfolk, England) Shot dwon by AAA Apr 29, 1944 and crashed on south coast of Bornholm, Denmark while returning from mission to railroad facilities in Berlin, Germany. Karl-Heinz Bendert of JG 27/5. 24481 (91st BG, 322nd BS, "Hells Angels hit by a fighter and crashed into North Sea W of Amrum, Germany May 14, 1943. W/o t Salinas AAB,. Faith Airfield, Station usaaf-123, Norfolk, England) damaged by German Messerschmitt BF 109G-6 fighter and ditched in English Channel Mar 16, 1944 While Returning From a Mission on The Dornier Werke Aircraft Factory at Friedrichshafen, Germany. escort gay siracusa brazil gay escort

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